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A self-documenting MVC PHP framework with a tiny footprint

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main model: index()

About OctoMS

This is a light-weight PHP framework inspired by CodeIgniter.
If the app is in development mode this wizard interface will be shown for uncaught exceptions and on-demand.
This interface contains a debugging window (with routing rules, arguments, source code, request headers and other information) and a search window.
You can search through the entire application or specify a search location:
  • {term} -core To look inside the core libraries and helpers
  • {term} -app To look inside the app libraries and helpers
  • {term} -stage={stage} To look inside a specific app stage's controllers and models
Parameters Return
  1. ...$arg Path components
null Loads the index.tpl file and displays it
How to deploy.
 # Load the "main" app model if it wasn't already loaded - check using the debugger
 # or add this line to your stage's autoload.inc
 $objects[] = "main|m";
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